Anger of stick 9 - Revenger - stickman warriors (Unreleased)

Anger of stick 9 - Revenger - stickman warriors (Unreleased)

Become a warriors and join in the epic fight in the best stickman game.

Game details

Android 2.1+
Everyone 10+
4.5 (90.5%) 4,533 votes

Game description

🔫 Blast away endless unknown enemies in the best stick war games - stickman fight. Our stickman warriors continue to fight them off with a wide array of deadly weapons and equipment! Especially the game has much different gameplay, way to control different characters according to each level is not same.

🔫 Game features:
► Enjoy epic fight of stickman warriors in a lot of different gameplay
► The way to control different stick figure according to each level is not same made the shadow war in the stickman legend series is better than ever.
► The anger of stick fight with the enemy in the real-time multiplayer competition made your epic fight of stickman revenge series is more attractive.
► Vibrant and beautiful graphics and silky smooth animation made your stickman warriors have the most attractive shadow war in the most exciting stickman 2 games.
► Attractive and lively sounds made your anger of stick fight the most attractive epic fight in the most exciting stickman 2 games
► Play games leaderboards track your world ranking, and a host of achievements are waiting to be unlocked.
► The largest arsenal is waiting for the stickman warriors to unlock to prepare for the epic fight.
► Walk through harbor, cities, train station... in your quest to rid the world of these menacing stick figure! You can even fight inside buildings!

🔫 Download the best stickman games: Stick soldier - Revenger - Stickman fight for FREE today and create your own stickman legend in the stickman revenge series!

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