Soda Guys (Early Access)

Soda Guys (Early Access)

Compete with others through obstacles to win the crown in Soda Guys

Game details

Android 4.4+
3.8 (75.1%) 1,215 votes

Game description

Soda Guys is the closest Battle Royale game to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PC, and it has multi players play together against each other in Battle Royale type of games through round after round of increasing competitiveness until one player remains! Get over hard obstacles, Compete against others, and play with the laws of physics as you get closer to the crown!

1.This is not the original Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game.
2. The game may look like the original Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game but all assets and graphics are original and made by our team!
3. If we violate any copyright with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, let us know and we will immediately remove it !

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