Voice Changer – Amazing Voice with Audio Effects

Voice Changer – Amazing Voice with Audio Effects

Voice Changer is a currently newest and hottest joke voice changer app 😍😍😍

App details

Android 4.1+
3.3 (66.6%) 3,575 votes

App description

Amazing Voice is a super voice changer app changing voice with the many different voice effects like your favorite characters 💗💗💗. Joke voice changer app simulates voice by changing the audio frequencies 〰️ from your voice. Fake voice Android is one of the newest specially designed multi-purpose entertainment apps 🎮. You can create many different amazing voice effects such as the child’s voice, robot voice, … 👶🏼👽🤖👿
Joke Voice Changer app is very easy to use and can create fun and amazing voice effects to fake voice 🤗🤗🤗. Simply, you just record voice by speaking into microphone 🎙 and choose amazing voice effects that you love 😘😘😘
Voice changer is the best voice changer, filtered from the most popular audio effects nowadays, we will give you the hottest and latest live audio effects:
👼🏼 Children voice effect
🤖 Robot voice effect
👻 Death voice effect
📻 Old radio sound
🐿Chipmunk voice effect
And so many other amazing voice effect
You can use fake voice app to entertain 🎮 after stress working 😞😞😞, as well as to have funny pranks with your friends 👩‍❤️‍👩, play with your kids 👶🏼. Changing voice with super voice changer to match your Halloween costume👹👺🤡

🌟🌟🌟 Main features of Voice Changer 🌟🌟🌟

🎤 Voice recording and changing voice by applying audio effects
🎤 Easy to use fake voice app
🎤 Share your disguised voice recorder with your friends on social networks
🎤 Set your voice recording to ringtones or audio notification for your cell phone.
🎤 Make funny practical jokes or scary pranks.
🎤 Lovely graphics

🎉️🎉️🎉 FREE DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Best Voice Changer
Enjoy the great moments with Voice Changer right now! 💓💓💓

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