Mermaid Princess Love Story 2

Mermaid Princess Love Story 2

The Mermaid Princess is back to a human girl. Will her lover remember?

Game details

Android 4.1+
Everyone 10+
3.9 (77.4%) 1,339 votes

Game description

Elissa is a beautiful mermaid princess living in the palace under the sea. She has always been dreaming of becoming a human girl and falling in love with a human boy!

Her dream came true on her 12th birthday. She went to Golden Coast town with the fairy Rebecca.

There, she met Thomas and they went to a pool party together!

But she accidentally fell into the pool and became a mermaid! Everybody, including Thomas, was shocked to see that. Her secret exposed!

Rebecca gave her two choices. One, go back to the ocean and never come back. Or two, erase everyone’s memory and she can stay.

She chose to remove their memory. So that she can stay there with Thomas, even though he doesn’t remember her anymore!

Help Elissa! Help her to bring Thomas’ memory back!

- Make a potion to conceal Elissa’s mermaid blood.
- “Oh! Thomas?!” “Sorry, you must get a wrong person.”
- A secret invitation for Elissa to a pool party. Will it be dangerous?
- Come on! Give Elissa a makeover to shine on the party!
- “Oh my god! Thomas! You remember me?”
- Please help Elissa to find a way to stay with Thomas forever!

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