Hey Hospital (Unreleased)

Hey Hospital (Unreleased)

Patients! Patients are flooding!⚠️⚠️We need more rooms and better doctors!🚨🚨

Game details

Android 4.0+
3.7 (73.3%) 45 votes

Game description

Welcome to Hey Hospital 🚑🚑🚑 A brand-new hospital simulation game! In here, you need to use your strategy to overcome different medical tests as well as manage your own hospital smartly. 🏥 📈 📊

❤️360⁰rotatable view⚙️
*Wanna see your master piece of building placement? 360⁰ rotatable view which will gives you a brand-new visual feeling. NEVER miss any possible placement faults! 🦉

❤️Various patients🚑🚑
*Here are over 60 weird patients! Weightless patients cannot sit on the chair, Hypothermia patients become as cold as an ice and even Blood dizzy vampires...With player’s level higher, you will meet more patients with special performance, but take care, some of them will bring negative effects to your hospital! 🏥

❤️Start your medical researches💉🔬
*Plenty of researchable medical technologies that will helps you give better treatment to the patients. Upgrading your medical technologies and get extra buffs during treating the patients! You can event research strong potions to help your staffs! 💊💊

❤️Get resources easier✨
*Out-call tasks will help you get some resources even if you are offline, relax in life as well as getting resource in game. So just take it easy! 💰💎📈

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