Fanáticos - for real football fans!

Fanáticos - for real football fans!

Are you the biggest fan of your team? Prove it!

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Android 5.0+
4.8 (95.2%) 4,436 votes

App description

Which team has the best fans? Who are the best fans for each team? Until now, nobody tried to answer these questions.

Fanáticos is the first competition in history to be based on different parameters that measure supporting, cheering and loyalty for your team. The fans were always part of the game, but in Fanáticos - the fans ARE the game!

Prove you know your everything about your team, never miss a game and read all the news - and you can win crazy prizes, gain new levels, advance in the rankings and show everyone what a great fan you are. If that’s not enough, remember - by participating, you help your friends beat the other teams’ fans.

So what are you waiting for? If you call yourself a football fan, join the fans revolution NOW!

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