FlickKey Keyboard for Android Wear 2.0

FlickKey Keyboard for Android Wear 2.0

No-compromise Fast & Accurate 6-key Keyboard app for Wear OS

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Android Varies with device
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Type anything quickly on your smartwatch. FlickKey® Keyboard for Wear OS is the full performance keyboard for your smartwatch.

Compatible with square and round Android Wear 2.0+ (NOT 1.x) smartwatches and android wear apps that contain text input fields. Also, you can download to your phone for a demo. (If you do, the watch app should automatically download to your watch, if you have one.)

FlickKey solves the problem of typing on a smartwatch by providing a novel six-key input method. It is NOT a miniaturized version of a phone keyboard - which do not scale well to small watches. It is a superior concept for true wearable pioneers that has taken years of effort to produce. FlickKey solves the typing problem with six large keys that you can tap, or flick in eight directions.

FlickKey does have a learning curve, so give it time to sink into your brain. (And try light quick flicks.) But if you still have the skills to learn something new, you will find that you can type quicker and more accurately than you ever expected you could on a smartwatch. Master FlickKey’s novel popup flick-keys, and you may find that you can type faster on your watch.

FlickKey includes Popup Flick-Keys containing whole words that can be entered by selecting words with short quick flicks. This is the fastest and most efficient new way to type, featuring shorter finger paths than other input methods. Thousands of words, symbols, and phrases can be entered with unmatched speed.

FlickKey differs philosophically from input methods that rely on disambiguation. FlickKey can enter all text accurately and quickly, and not just common words disambiguated (guessed) from a dictionary.

FlickKey's best features:

◆ Only six large keys
◆ Popup flick-keys to type common words uncommonly fast
◆ Many common punctuation characters on the main screen :-)
◆ Mix emoji and text
◆ FlickKey is a full function input method - without limits
◆ Accuracy and speed!

FlickKey is a free trial.

Supported Languages: English, French, Canadian French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish

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