Lipikaar Gujarati Keyboard

Lipikaar Gujarati Keyboard

Lipikaar is a smart & easy to use keyboard for typing in Gujarati (ગુજરાતી)

App details

Android 4.3+

App description

Now you can send emails, post Facebook updates and send messages on Whatsapp in Gujarati using the Lipikaar Gujarati Keyboard.

How to type in Gujarati(ગુજરાતી) with Lipikaar:

Rule 1:
Repeatedly type the closest sounding key till you see the correct Gujarati script character.
s = સ ss = શ sss = ષ krr = ક્ર krrr = કૃ

Rule 2:
Join two characters by typing x between them.
rxk = ર્ક txt = ત્ત pxr = પ્ર

Rule 3:
Type z to add a special symbol of the script.
z = ં zz = ઼ zzz = ઁ zzzz = ઃ

For more details:

- No memorizing key positions. Simple and intuitive typing in Gujarati using regular English (QWERTY) keyboard.

- No fluency in English is required. Lipikaar encourages users to think in their language.

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