League of Fighters

League of Fighters

The earth has been attacked by an unknown and powerful enemy

Game details

Android 4.2
Everyone,Digital Purchases
1,000 - 5,000
3.9 (78.2%) 11 votes

Game description

The earth has been attacked by an unknown and powerful enemy, and we have no chance to win, so we can only use the special radar to find the “Balls” scattered around the world. The only way to reverse the situation is to collect all the seven balls and make a wish, summoning the powerful warriors to form an alliance.
Solve the biggest crisis on earth and become the strongest fighter in the universe!


◆Make a wish
Randomly summon the powerful fighters

◆Train warriors
Each powerful warrior has his own unique form and skills

Different warriors have different attributes, using the combination of attributes to enhance the overall strength

◆Hot-blooded arena
Fight against players from different countries around the world

◆Fun games
In addition to the battle of blood, there are built-in fun games

◆Resolve the crisis
New and powerful enemies will attack the earth across the parallel universe, forming a powerful alliance to resolve the crisis!

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