Yelo Phone - WiFi Calling, Forwarding & Voicemail

Yelo Phone - WiFi Calling, Forwarding & Voicemail

Answer your calls on any Android device or desktop browser

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Android Varies with device
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Left your phone at home, ran out of battery, no network coverage?
Yelo Phone for Android is here to help you!
Set up call forwarding to receive calls via Wi-Fi or 3G and answer your calls on your browser or another Android Tablet or smartphone and get access to a voicemail system fully integrated with Android 4+

Cool features included:

• Use your number: Make calls using your own number
• Record all your calls: Listen to you calls and shared them
• Integrated voicemail: Access your voicemails from your phone registry
• Voicemail Transcriptions: Transcribe your voicemails to text ( English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech, Italian, Russian, Japanese) *
• Multiple Numbers: Add more than one number to your account *
• Auto Call Forwarding: Activate call forwarding when battery is low
• Wifi only: Only receive calls if connected via Wifi
• Auto reject calls: When roaming and connected via Wifi set this option to automatically reject calls and redirect the calls to Yelo.
• Sync calls: Sync Yelo calls with your phone call log registry
• Wear Support: Answer and hang up calls on your Android Wear device

* Subscription required

NOTE: Not all countries support the call forwarding feature. For more information go to

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