Phone & Smartwatch Battery Level

Phone & Smartwatch Battery Level

Check your phone's battery level from your Smartwatch and vice versa

App details

Android 4.4W
1,000 - 5,000
4.7 (93.8%) 26 votes

App description

Quickly check the battery level of your phone from your Android Wear Smartwatch and vice versa.

- Ever wanted to check the battery level of your phone or your smartwatch which was charging in another room or on the far end of the table so as to know when to pick it up?
- Maybe the phone is in your pocket playing music and you want to quickly check its battery status without taking it out?

If yes then this app is for you!

**Important notice**
The app consists of two parts: a mobile application and an Android Wear application. You need to have both installed in order to function properly.

If you are using Android Wear 1.X you only need to download the smartphone application as it has the Android Wear application embedded and will push it to your smartwatch.
For Android Wear 2.0 you need to install both parts manually from the respective Play Stores (find and install through your phone and also through your smartwatch).

Please rate and post any comments and suggestions to improve the application.

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