Multi Craft : Mini Block Town

Multi Craft : Mini Block Town

Multi Craft : Mini Block Town. Enjoy craft, enjoy game!

Game details
Android 4.1+
3.8 (75.8%) 1,865 votes

Game description

Multi Craft : Mini block town
This is an open world sandbox game. You can create anything you want here, villas, castles, rivers, mountains, and more.
In the beginning you will be placed in a modern town with lots of modern houses. There are also airports and highways.
Every house has a garden where you can plant in the garden.
There are also many animals, lions, tigers, zebras, rhinos and so on.
When you turn on airplane mode, you can quickly ascend and descend and fly anywhere!
Of course, it will rain when the weather is bad. Here you can simulate real world survival creation!
Enjoy craft, enjoy game!

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