Anime face photo editor

Anime face photo editor

Anime face photo editor: cartoonify yourself with manga character creation prank

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Android 4.3+
1,000,000 - 5,000,000
2.2 (43.3%) 26,033 votes

Game description

Anime face photo – manga game for japanese animation fans! Animate yourself, use animes art to change your face. Do you love Japanese cartoons animes? Add expressive eyes manga stickers to photo and cartoonify yourself! Upload mobile photos, add eyes animes on your japanese photos in your unique style, feel like anime creator or anime character idol!

Who cares how to draw anime? Use sticker art to look like your favorite Japanese idol! Even terrible photo can become a new avatar. Edit face with sticker avatar, create cool looks like animation characters!

Impress friends with a new avatar! You’ll look like Japanese cartoons character. Tell friends: guess the amine character and guess cartoon! Expressive manga eyes emotions, hair accessories on photos, japanese cartoons hairstyles – change face!

We do use faces recognition & detection or animating, but we do not switch faces. Create new collage selfie – do it yourself with avatars stickers and stylish accessories! Cartoon picture editor - new pics and new images for your avatar! Enjoy facial design and sticker maker. Edit selfie with style emotions. We do not rate your faces, but your photos look like anima character! Add huge expressive eyes and anima hairstyles stickers and share your new manga avatar. Japanese comics and cartoons' fans will like your new avatars in japanese cartoons style!

Anime faces scan simulator – mobile photos look like animated figures! Create & make photos design, add mobile photography stickers, share photography with friends. Tell friends you have a real faces scanner with face detection and can make & create anime avatars from any photography mobile. This anima faces simulator will make you look like anime idol. Even horrific photos will look like cool anime manga avatar! Feel like anima idol with cool hairstyles and huge expressive eyes.

Make a selfie or upload a mobile photo. Add animes manga stickers and create a new avatar! Feel like anime maker or manga idol.

Do you love reading original stories, senpai? Imagine you can write your own novella about virtual world with your own storyline – what would you do? Choose your own story and create story – we mean personalize and cartoonify yourself like a beauty idol. Feel too chicken to ask a guy out? Love stories can start with a cool photopicture! Feel like a cool girls by adding gripping fantastical elements to your picture.

If you think you’re games addict, take a break and create your own cartoon or comics chapter with stunning looks. We hope you’ll enjoy playing! No need to hurry – enjoy creating a cool picture.

App features:
- Animes character creator
- Photos editor japanese cartoons
- Face editing app
- Cartoon photos editor
- Photo pranks
- Japanese cartoons avatar editor
- Cartoon face avatar maker
- Foto face changer
- Cartoon picture editor
- Artistic photo editing
- Editor selfie
- Change your face - cartoonify yourself
- Create manga avatar from photos with anima stickers
- Mobile photo editor
- Selfie collage maker
- Anima idol faces
- Manga eyes on photo
- Stickers for mobile photo - make or create collage

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